Monday 25 Sept. 17:30 hrs - presentation of Top Naeff Prize, André Veltkamp Grant & Henny Kamerman Dancers Prize

'Baseline Babbling' - Kirsty Baker, photographer: Ben van Duin

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On Monday 25 September at 17:30 in the hall of the Academy of Theatre and Dance The presentation of the ATD Fund student awards will take place: Top Naeff Prize, André Veltkamp Grant and Henny Kamerman Dancers Prize.

  • The André Veltkamp Grant 2023 goes to the graduation performance Baseline Babbling by Kirsty Baker graduate of the Mime Opleiding.
  • Who will be presented with the Top Naeff Prize 2023 and the Henny Kamerman Dancers Prize 2023 we will keep a secret for a while!

Come to the hall of the Academy of Theatre and Dance on 25 September and celebrate the festive presentation with us! Afterwards, there will be plenty of opportunity to talk to each other, while enjoying a drink and a snack.

About the prizes
The ATD Fund prizes are awarded annually to graduating students, this year to the alumni of 2022-2023:

  • The Top Naeff Prize is the oldest theatre student prize in The Netherlands and is awarded to a promising student graduating from the Amsterdam School of Drama & Contemporary Music (ATKA) or the Mime School.
  • The André Veltkamp Grant is for a graduation production that deserves a second life after the Academy.
  • The Henny Kamerman Dancers Prize is the prize for the most innovative dancer/creator of the past academic year.

De commission about Baseline Babbling: 
Baseline Babbling by Kirsty Baker is a generous performance that cheerfully and lightly explores how audience and entertainer need each other. Baker deploys her improvisational techniques and her comedic talent for an extraordinarily entertaining study of how to be together in uncertainty. She developed a clever and tacky form that offers not only an escape from social expectations, but also offers an alternative: a path to sensitivity, fun and a cup of tea. 

About the ATD Fund  
The ATD Fund supports students from all programmes at the Academy of Theatre and Dance to complete their education and make the step into the professional field. We do this through awards and contributions.

Anyone can contribute to the ATD fund and it is much needed!  Visit for more information.