Mounir Samuel is guest trainer at the AHK Circles Diversity & Inclusion

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In the realm of diversity and inclusion, there are both turbulent and constructive discussions taking place, including within the AHK. What are the crucial dialogues we need or should engage in right now? And how do we maintain these conversations, even when they become uncomfortable?

Media personality Mounir Samuel serves as a powerful source of inspiration and motivation for embracing the uncomfortable yet absolutely essential discussions. We are honored that Mounir is shaping and leading the upcoming two editions of AHK Circles. With a series of social experiments, interventions, and group activities, he will guide us in exploring how we can initiate and sustain genuine dialogues with one another.

The necessary conversation
Mounir Samuel stands for diversity competence: "it is not just about the easy notion of 'diversity' and 'inclusion' but about an educational and organisational culture in which everyone is all-in. In doing so, it is important to learn to have necessary conversations with each other. Only when we know how to engage and stay in conversation with each other can we truly address the complex issues of our time and those of the academies."

Confronted with own prejudices
During his trainings, employees and students are participants who jointly shape and (co-)create the educational institution. Everyone must experience the safety and freedom to contribute their full identity and, above all, be given the opportunity to transcend it. Mounir adds: "Language plays an important starting point here because language creates an equal and inclusive playing field. Once we have aligned the rules of the game, we will explore what important conversations AHK staff and students want to have with each other."

Power relations and privileges
"We are going to teach different conversation and listening techniques in game form and include in this in the first and second circle meeting power relations, privileges and individual identities. As well as the different social circles in which the participants move. In this way, we are all confronted with our own prejudices, assumptions and bubbles. Only then can we facilitate truly meaningful encounters," Samuel explains.

If an organisation has diversity competence as a core value, this has a positive impact at all levels of the institution. This makes the AHK a true breeding ground where both staff and students can flourish creatively and artistically.

About Mounir
Mounir Samuel is a political scientist, author, publicist, performance artist, exhibition maker, trainer, presenter & cultural entrepreneur at the intersection of media, politics, religion, language, culture & climate.

About the AHK Circles
In 2022 and 2023 the meetings of the AHK Circles rotate along the six academies of the AHK with the fixed theme: Safety & Inclusion. For each edition, we host special guests and speakers. 
The language is EnglishThe AHK Circles 

  • Tuesday 26 September: Necessary Conversations at the ATD - with Mounir Samuel, intermezzo from students from the Breitner Academy
  • Tuesday 31 October: The Privilege Pyramid at the Breitner Academy - with Mounir Samuel, intermezzo from students from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Programme :
Walk in: 16.45 hrs
Start: 17:00-19:00hrs
Food & drinks 19:00-20:00 hrs.

We conclude this series of AHK Circles with the AHK Circles Wrap Up: 

  • Thursday 30 November & Friday 1 December 2023 at the AHK Culture Club

For our closing event, we are putting together a multidisciplinary exhibition & performance on the theme of Emerging Knowledge and Practices. Students, staff and alumni will present their work.

Language is English