SNDO celebrates and recommends: publication Modern Dance in Development

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It is our pleasure to support bringing to visibility a gem of a publication Modern Dance in Development published by De Nieuwe Dansbibliotheek (The New Dance Library) under the editorial eye of Fransien van der Putt.

Modern Dance in Development provides an account of the Modern Dance Department of the Theaterschool Amsterdam against the background of historical and international dance developments. The first, historical section focuses on the pioneers of modern dance in Europe and the United States. Artists discussed, such as Delsarte and Dalcroze, laid the foundations for a new artistic expression as early as the end of the last century, which, in addition to academic ballet, has now developed into a full-fledged and, above all, versatile dance form.

The first issue of the publication was a 1984 final thesis in Theatre Science by Moniek Merkx published in 1985 by the business director of the School for New Dance Development Aat Hougée. This was a first volume of a series of publications. The 2023 reissue contains a new supplementary conversation by Fransien van der Putt with Moniek Merkx and a story by Jeroen Fabius on the development of SNDO from 1984 until today.

While the publication is unrelated to, it coincides in wonderful ways, with the upcoming marking of 50 years of SNDO- School for New Dance Development. To celebrate the developments in dance in broad sense and SNDO contribution and place in it in particular, we warmly invite you to get a copy of Modern Dance in Development.

The publication is in Dutch language and can be ordered here: