The AHK Circles are a Wrap!

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Emerging Knowledge and Practices
It's a Wrap! Under the theme Emerging Knowledge and Practices, we successfully concluded the AHK Circles Diversity and Inclusion tour spanning the six academies. In the AHK Culture Club, we engaged in a two-day programme meticulously curated and executed by students and alumni from our six academies. And how proud we are! Our students and alumni consistently manage to surprise, touch, and amaze us. Through words, images, music, dialogue, dance, design, and art, they delve into current themes and share inspiring, at times poignant personal stories.

Health and Healing in Art Education
Thursday was dedicated to Health and Healing in Art Education. Alex Blum, the initiator and moderator for both days, kicked off the programme by zooming in on the current societal and global situation, offering substantial food for thought. Annet Lekkerkerker extended warm thanks to everyone who contributed to the Circles. We experienced a video monologue about living with a complex neurodiverse system and engaged in a dialogue about life after sexual abuse, discovering the power of humming. There was a moment of discomfort during an interview via a live connection with Buenos Aires, exploring the least discussed part of our body—the anus. After that conversation, everyone found themselves sitting a little differently in their chairs.

Counter-canons and Working Queerly
The theme for Friday centered around Counter-canons and Working Queerly. Following a warm welcome, Elioa Steffen delivered a keynote on providing feedback to each other in a safe, queer-friendly manner. The group then split into one of the two themes. We delved into the origins of humanity, post-colonial heritage, and participated in a panel discussion on the tension between the free space during education and the knowledge and skills needed for the professional field. A series of beautiful, connecting arias brought the programme to a close. The AHK Circles have officially concluded!

We extend our sincere thanks for all your talent, dedication, and wisdom!

Photo’s by ©Zobayda