Newsflash ECD January 2024

Federica in Queen Blood by Ousmane Sy - Photo by Sjoerd Derine

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Read the December newsflash of Expanded Contemporary Dance (ECD) here:

  • Before the Christmas holidays ECD had it's very first two week winter course from 4 till 16 December 2023. During this course the participants got to know our classes, the curriculum and the pedagogy. They followed classes, participated in a student jam and saw the New Works performances. The participants and the teachers were really enthusiastic about the course and we think it is a success to have the winter course again next year! Here are some quotes from some of the particiapnts: 

"Thank you for creating this opportunity! I'm very grateful for the connections I made and the knowledge I gained. I absolutely loved it!"
"I felt very accepted in that space, not at all judged or compared to, very appreciated by students and teachers, and like all of our individual talents or "shortcomings" were welcomed."
"I am grateful for the experience. "

  • Last December ECD showed the New Works December performance performed by our first-year students with the title "It Follows". Choreographer Edivaldo Ernesto has together with the assistent-choreographer Melissa Figueiredo and the first-year ECD students performed a powerfull and intens piece with assosiations to our current society in which you need to perform and were there is violence and war.
  • ECD 4 student Bryan Nurhakim has got a spot within ICK! Founders Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten together build on a contemporary repertoire in which the intuitively moving body takes center stage. We would like to congratulate Bryan and all the best to him! 
  • ECD 3 student Federica Lovato is performing in Frascati from 18 till 20 January in the Memic project by Robert Maimone as part of the Come Together program. During this festival Frascati 1 till 3 will be used for performances, poetry experiments, committed conversations, debats and dance parties. COME TOGETHER is not a festival in the classic sense of the word. Rather than presenting finished pieces, it provides a platform for all forms of sharing: work in progress, experiments, performance excerpts, installations, lectures and workshops. For more information and tickets please go to:
  • ECD2 student Anaïs Mauri is starting rehearsals with Saïdo Lehlouh, a choreographer based in France who was at ECD last year to choreograph the ECD New Works in December 2022.
  • Our ECD teacher Liat Waysbort will be in the theatre with the performance "My Life In Excel". Due to a legal dispute over the care of her two children, a mother is forced to keep track of her life in an Excel sheet for two years. A reality in boxes; true, but at the same time far removed from the life she experienced. How does this cold data relate to the emotional, mental and physical memories of that time? Choreographer Liat Waysbort is back on stage again herself, reflecting on this personal period of her life through dance and text. Memories from that time - frustration, disbelief, broken dreams, but also strength, fighting spirit and feelings of absurdity - become tangible. Big data specialist Dana Ganot joins her on stage and professionally dissects the relationship between data and our daily existence. For more information and tickets please go to:
  • ECD2 student Aleyna Demir will be in Paris in the weekend from 27 January 2024 to perform at a battle called "Frequency". It is an international electronic dance battle in which the best dancers of the genre compete for a jury of professionals. For more information go to the website:

Anaïs in student project in 1st year - Photo by Sjoerd Derine

Liat Waysbort - My Life In Excel, photo: Bart Grietens