Fresh Off the Press: the AHK Annual Report 2023

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Keely Williams - student Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy (AEMA) Conservatorium van Amsterdam @CHEE JANSEN

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We proudly present the annual report of AHK, edition 2023. This report highlights the highlights of the past year, focusing on governance developments, achievements and successes of students and staff, and the implementation of strategic pillars.

Once again, we have opted for an online edition this year. The positive feedback from last year's report encouraged us to continue this digital approach. The annual report provides a detailed overview of AHK's figures and results, as well as the developments across its six academies and Service Bureau. We cover key advancements in education, research, and the numerous projects undertaken in 2023. Additionally, you will find photos, videos, and interactive graphs in the report, enriching the experience.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this.

Unfortunately, this annual report is written in Dutch and we do not have a translation available. Hopefully, one will be provided soon.