Job Leseman - project staff member, fourth-year OPP, ATD

Why are you part of the team?
Last year I started at Project Entrepreneurship as the evening coordinator of the Starter Café. Now that position has grown a bit into more production and concept making. I am very happy that over the years I am allowed to develop myself as a producer and that together we are allowed to develop the project more and more.

I find it fun and important to dedicate myself to entrepreneurship within the AHK. In the process I meet many other students, alumni and staff. For many of them, including myself, entrepreneurship is new and sometimes a bit scary, which makes for great conversations.

What else do you do in your professional practice?
In addition to now being in my graduate year, I also occasionally work as a freelance (creative) producer in the theater and festival industry.

Why do you think an entrepreneurial attitude within arts education is significant?
For me, an entrepreneurial attitude is about knowing what you want and how you get it done, from vision to form. For example, when you make art that is urgent or that you feel really needs to be seen, you also need to know how to make sure it is seen and understood. In the transition from student to professional, entrepreneurship classes are mega important in my opinion, as answers to big questions like: How do I position myself in the field? How do I get projects off the ground? How do I make money from what I can do?