Kim Verduijn - education coordinator, alumnus, production design, NFA

Why are you part of the team?
It's my job. I applied for this position because I think it's an important issue within arts education. I think it is important that young artists learn in time that entrepreneurship can improve their artistry. When you make sure you have a healthy business you create space and freedom to develop further and make what is important to you.

What else do you do in your professional practice?
In the creative field I move mainly as a decorator (set painter) and production designer on short projects. I also work for the Dutch Film Academy as education coordinator and guest lecturer of the Production Design Assistance Orientation Course, for the Academy for Theatre and Dance as education coordinator of the Fair Practice Project and for the Amsterdam School of the Arts as education coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Project.

Why do you think an entrepreneurial attitude within arts education is significant?
I think it is essential that creators take themselves and their work seriously and value it. An entrepreneurial attitude ensures that you learn to create opportunities that might otherwise be beyond your reach. The sooner you start doing this, the more opportunities you can seize.