Maud ter Haar - project staff member, fourth-year OPP, ATD

Why are you part of the team?
As an arts student myself, I already noticed that I was missing certain things in my curriculum about - the surely mega important - entrepreneurship in our sector. Through the project, I want to do my part in bringing this urgency to the attention of my fellow students!

What else do you do in your professional practice?
I work as a freelancer on theater projects and events, where I provide support as a production manager/employee, tour manager and more.

Why do you think an entrepreneurial attitude within arts education is significant?
For me, it's about breaking the stigma of "hobby work" that still reigns over the arts sector. By training people entrepreneurially, we all create a new generation of artists who stand up for their rights, their collective bargaining agreement, their contracts, simply: their own work. From this will hopefully emerge an (even more) universally recognized sector.