Simone van Bennekom - project leader, alumnus, ATKA, ATD

Why are you part of the team?
During my own education, I sorely missed entrepreneurial skills, as well as being allowed to have an entrepreneurial attitude. After my education at the AHK, I continued my studies as an economist. With this project I contribute to realizing additional offerings on entrepreneurship education. I think it's great to be able to contribute in this way for future generations!

What else do you do in your professional practice?
I am business economist and have my own company and work on commission for various parties such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Creative Arnhem. I always work at the intersection of economy and creativity. Usually in public-private partnerships. I also do research on business models within the cultural creative sector.

Why do you think an entrepreneurial attitude within arts education is significant?
For me, it's about students learning to trust themselves when it comes to this. That you can put down your own project, service, or product. That you can get this out of yourself and so you can run your own work practice but also take ownership of the aspects that you might find less appealing or even repulsive or scary like a budget, but that you have to want to take ownership of. And for those who are already doing it, offer encouragement to continue to develop. To be an example.