Who the incl**** do you think you are?

The AHK-wide elective course Who the incl**** do you think you are? arose during the wave of activist movement in 2020. After the murder of George Floyd, there were many demonstrations calling attention to racism and police brutality in the United States. But there were also plenty of demonstrations in the Netherlands. As a result, attention to anti-racism resonated across the country. Racism, inclusion and equality of opportunity were discussed in politics, media, business and education. This was also the case within the AHK.

Nathalie Roos and Wieke Teselink, both teachers at the Breitner Academy, took the initiative for an elective course on diversity and inclusion. The course consists of a lecture series to which they invite artists, designers and collectives to discuss the subject of inclusion from different angles. Stories, research and themes that often remain underexposed, even in the current curriculum. With the aim of providing insight into the existence of multiple perspectives on social issues and the importance of respecting these perspectives. The guest speakers question cultural diversity, gender identity, social stamps, prejudice and our relationship with nature. They conduct research and ask critical questions in their work. In each lecture, two guest speakers took the students along in their research and work.