Professional artists in the classroom - Beroepskunstenaars in de Klas (BIK)

Beroepskunstenaars in de Klas (Professional artists in the classroom, BIK) is a one-year postgraduate part-time study programme for artists who want to carry out arts projects in primary education.

Who is it for?
The Beroepskunstenaars in de Klas (Professional artists in the classroom, BIK) programme is open to artists in all disciplines. Are you a professional artist and would you like to use your talents for children in primary education? Or would you like to deepen your knowledge and expand your field of work. If so, do the Beroepskunstenaars in de Klas (Professional artists in the classroom) programme.

Professional artists in primary education
There is a great demand for high-quality education projects by artists. More than 800 artists regularly work at a primary school. BIK is the hallmark of quality when it comes to the selection procedure for an artist in the classroom in primary education. More than half of all primary school are affiliated with the national subsidy scheme Cultuureducatie met Kwaliteit (Cultural Education with Quality), which makes long-term cooperation with professional artists possible.

The BIK programme is provided by the Master of Education in Arts of the AHK. The programme is registered with the Stichting Post Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs Nederland (Foundation for Postgraduate Higher Professional Education in the Netherlands) and leads to the recognised certificate Beroepskunstenaar in de klas (Professional artist in the classroom).

Period: 5 September 2022 to 26 June 2023
Lesson days: see
Study load: count on two days per week for 28 weeks
Language of instruction: Dutch
Costs: €3,000 for the one-year postgraduate part-time study programme
Please note: It is also possible to take out a cheap loan for your study programme via Cultuur+Ondernemen
Academy of Architecture, Waterlooplein 211-213 in Amsterdam
Information day: Monday 11 April 2022, 14:00 – 16:00 
Individual intake interviews for the 2022-2023 academic year: end of April 2022
For more information:

STAP budget subsidy scheme

STAP budget subsidy scheme

As from 1 March 2022, working persons and persons seeking work are entitled to the STAP budget. Adults with ties to the Dutch labour market can apply for 1,000 euros subsidy for training and development via the STAP budget. You can use this subsidy for a training session, course or study programme if it is registered in the STAP-scholingsregister (STAP training register). The subsidy is called STAP, which stands for Stimulering Arbeidsmarkt Positie (Stimulation of the Labour Market Position). STAP is intended for high-quality and labour market-oriented training. Hobby-driven training activities are not eligible for a subsidy.
The Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) currently offers two training programmes for which you can apply for a STAP subsidy: Beroepskunstenaars in de Klas (Professional artists in the classroom, BIK) and On The Movie | postgraduate film education course
.We expect to offer more training programmes in the 2022-2023 academic year for which you can apply for a STAP budget.

You can find more information in Dutch about the STAP budget and training course for which you can apply for the STAP budget at You can find out there whether you are eligible, or if your training course is eligible, and how you can submit an application for the STAP budget. 

Additional information (in Dutch) can be found at: