Preparation for your open day visit

If you prepare well and are critical, an open day visit can be very rewarding. Below we have listed questions for you to ask students and teachers. You can also find some answers yourself on the website of the study programme (see the study programme search function). In this way, you will already have some prior knowledge before visiting the open day.

The questions below are general study questions. Think up questions about the art discipline you are interested in beforehand.

About admission

  • What are the admission requirements for this study programme?
  • Can I still do something if I do not meet the requirements?

About the content and structure of the study programme

  • Can I gain first-hand experience of the programme for a day?
  • Which main specialisations are there?
  • Which are the possibilities in terms of specialisations?
  • How large are the classes?
  • How is the relationship between theory and practice?
  • How often do students work in project or working groups?
  • Can I examine study books?
  • How are the years of the study programme structured?
  • Which courses are you offered in the first year?
  • How many hours of classes are there per week in the first year?
  • How many hours a week do you need to spend on self-study?
  • Are there courses offered in English?
  • Are there possibilities for internships/work placements?
  • Can I do an internship abroad?
  • Can you do part of the study programme abroad and/or at another university of applied science?

About guidance

  • What kind of guidance am I given during my study?
  • Am I given a mentor? How often will I speak with them?
  • I have a functional impairment/disability. Are there extra facilities for this?

About the AHK versus other universities of applied sciences (hogescholen)

  • Is this study programme also offered at another university of applied sciences?
  • Where is the emphasis placed on at the AHK and where is it placed at other universities of applied sciences?
  • Why should I do this study programme at the AHK?

About experiences and study success rates

  • Is there a binding study advice after the first year?
  • How high is the dropout rate in the first year?
  • What percentage of students graduate in four years?
  • Which courses do students have difficulty with in this study programme and why?
  • Which qualities and characteristics do students who successfully complete this study programme possess?
  • When should you not choose this study programme?

About the field of work

  • In which professions could you end up with this degree?
  • Do graduates find a job easily?

About the study programme to students

  • Why did you opt for this academy?
  • How are you finding the study programme?
  • What is the atmosphere like at this study programme?
  • What is the contact like with teachers?
  • Which courses are you enthusiastic about and why?
  • Which courses are you less enthusiastic about and why?
  • How many hours of lessons are there per week and how many hours do you spend on self-study in addition to that?
  • Have you done an internship/work placement?

About student life

  • How are you enjoying studying in Amsterdam?
  • Do you have enough time for a job on the side? How many hours?
  • Do you have any tips for finding a room?