Agora Now

Agore Now was an initiative of Marijke Hoogenboom, professor Art Practice and Development and GabriĆ«l Smeets, artistic director of the School for New Dance Development. In the week of June 20-25 they organised a daily open platform for discussions, information and ideas on the cut backs in the budgets on art and culture during the lunch break in the foyer of de Theaterschool.


Friday June 24

Samuel Vriezen, componist and poet, editor of the Flamish literary magazine nY, and co-organizer of the Manifest voor een Nieuw Kunstbegrip

Thursday June 23
Max van Engen, head of Art & Culture of the Department of Social Development Amsterdam
Riemer Knoop, professor Cultural Heritage
Paul Binnerts, Theatre director

Wednesday June 22
Herma Hofmeijer, managing director de Theaterschool
Theu Boermans, director, theatre curator ITs Festival
Beppie Blankert, managing director dansgroep Amsterdam

Tuesday June 21
Jet de Ranitz, president Executive Board Amsterdan School of the Arts
Berthe Spoelstra, dramaturge Frascati WG
Suzy Blok, artistic director Dansmakers

Monday June 20
Bojana Mladenovic, artistic director hetveem theater
David Weber-Krebs, theatre maker