Music in Motion

The MaxTak Orchestra organised the Music in Motion project in collaboration with the Netherlands Film Academy and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Its aim was to develop a number of student-made short films with an entirely original soundtrack. This was a collaborative search for ways of combining image and sound so that they inspire, influence and reinforce each other – rather than making first the film and then the music.

Five students of composition worked together with six students from the interactive media/visual effects department on the development of five concepts that combined sound and image. The organiser, MaxTak, initiated the project because new filmmakers were finding it difficult to find the right music for their film due to their lack of familiarity with Dutch composers. And this applies equally to the composers themselves, because although the film industry is a major market for them, no-one prepares composers for this area of activity. The results of Music in Motion were presented in April 2008 under the direction of MaxTak at the Westerunie venue in Westerpark.