Music, Space & Architecture

In collaboration with other cultural organisations in Amsterdam, ARCAM (the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture), the Amsterdam architecture academy, the Art Practice and Development research group at the AHK and the Noorderkerk Concert Foundation (Stichting Noorderkerkconcerten) organised public activities focusing on the relationship between music, space and architecture. These events ran from February to November 2010.

An exhibition and a variety of concerts, research and educational projects, lectures and performances were organised under the title of Music, Space & Architecture. Additionally, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, de Theaterschool in Amsterdam, Sonic Acts and Holland Festival organised a number of activities that connect with the theme.

On the calendar this year is the springtime Capita Selecta lecture series organised by the Academy of Architecture, with experts speaking on music, acoustics and the experience of music and space. In addition, Architecture students and Scenography students are designing and constructing acoustic installations at four locations in Amsterdam. One of these locations is Noorderkerk, for which students at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam are also proposing special works.
In the autumn, an exhibition at ARCAM will introduce visitors to theories about music and space, aural art, city soundscapes and the experience of playing and listening to music – featuring Xenakis and Stockhausen, concert halls and headphones, and boom cars and silence.

The activities of Music, Space & Architecture are made possible by the Netherlands Architecture Fund, SNS Reaal and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, together with the participating organisations.