We Live Here: An Academy

WE LIVE HERE is a statement and a working title. As artists and cultural workers we acknowledge the need to reappraise the public and other spaces in which we operate.

WE LIVE HERE: An Academy aims to create a space to meet, think and work together beyond the sphere of projects and productivity-driven timetables.

WE LIVE HERE: An Academy stems from an urge to slow down; an urge to resist the constant demands for presence, movement and response; an urge to find time for thinking together; an urge to make space for what we need and miss; an urge to claim the nuanced complexity of being in the world; an urge felt by engaged practitioners in the Netherlands and beyond.

WE LIVE HERE: An Academy took place from 5 to 10 July 2011 at Frascati WG in Amsterdam.

WE LIVE HERE: An Academy invited a number of international guests to share their practices in a programme of workshops, actions, walks, discussions and presentations. They include andcompany&Co. (Berlin), Laurent Chétouane (Berlin), Tony Oricco (New York), Janez Janša (Ljubljana), Eric Ellingsen (Berlin), Joe Kelleher (London), and Amsterdam-based practitioners Debra Solomon and Geert Lovink.

For more details on the three workshop series see: we-live-here.com

Nicole Beutler, Marijke Hoogenboom and Andrea Božić initiated this academy to create a platform that strives to connect the responsibility of the individual with the creative power of the community. Its aims are shared inspiration, enthusiasm and new insights.

An Academy considers itself as a follow-up to the Young Makers Tour, conceived by Nicole Beutler/LISA for the 2004 Holland Festival. Since 2005 An Academy has continued to operate as a series of experimental, non-institutional learning situations continually changing location, time and context. It was initiated and produced by the Art Practice and Development research group at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and Frascati/Theater Gasthuis in cooperation with the Holland Festival, the Kunstenfestivaldesarts and IDFA.


Cultural counterrevolution gaining ground, door Alexander Karschnia, 2011