Inside Movement Knowledge

Inside Movement Knowledge is a two-year (2008-2010) collaborative, interdisciplinary research project into new methods for the documentation, transmission and preservation of contemporary choreographic and dance knowledge.

The project has evolved out of research initiated in 2004 by Amsterdam-based dance company Emio Greco | PC (Pieter C. Scholten) into systems for recording and transmitting the essential elements of their creative work. This became known as the Notation Research Project.

Inside Movement Knowledge takes the outcomes (book, interactive DVD and installation) of Capturing Intention as a ‘case-study’ to continue exploring the artistic questions of EG | PC in the frame of a new consortium coordinated by the Art Practice and Development Research Group.
The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science supports this expanded research project for research projects through its Foundation for Innovation Alliance.

The fundamental issues Inside Movement Knowledge is concerned with include: the reconstruction of past works for creation of repertoire; the transmission of artistic methods and working practices to a younger generation; the connection of choreographic knowledge to other relevant artistic, technological and scientific developments; the broadening of audience accessibility; the preservation and stewardship of choreography and dance as intellectual heritage.

Collaberating partners are: Emio Greco | PC, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Universiteit Utrecht / Media- en Cultuurwetenschappen, en de Dansopleidingen van de Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten.