ON AIR 2014

ON AIR once a year reports on the activities of guests of the Artist in Residence programme at Amsterdam University of the Arts. The title of this year’s publication is Skills of the 21st Century, and its binding theme is the emerging new era in the arts, education and society,  which has placed many professions in a state of fundamental flux.

We take a close look the practice of process artist Martijn Engelbregt, who connects with various sectors outside the arts world, and at Franz Rodenkirchen, whose use of slow cinema is a form of resistance against fast culture. Cultural thinker Michiel Schwarz identifies a ‘true cultural shift’ that prioritises new qualities such as sharing, connectedness, sustainability and the human scale. Students and teachers at de Theaterschool share their thoughts about the collaborative project with Ugo Dehaes that saw them engaging with a discipline other than their own. And Jappe Groenendijk’s examination of the Authentic Boys art collective’s residency shows that arts education is key for schoolgoers and all citizens of the 21st century.

As well as being a channel for sharing developments relating to the AIR programme, our hope is that ON AIR will contribute to topical debates in arts education and in the professional field.

ON AIR is available on request via: air@ahk.nl