In ARTI teacher-researchers, research fellows and postgraduate students at the Amsterdam University of the Arts work on practice-based research processes that seek to deepen problematising strategies and contribute to innovations in arts and education.

The ARTI group meets regularly to discuss current research projects, develop a shared vocabulary and conceptual framework and to nourish one another intellectually and artistically.
Each of the projects focuses on research that connects with practices in the school – with respect to subject matter and method. ARTI’s members are selected on the basis of the quality of their work and whether the outcomes of their research can be applied in art practice and/or educational practice.

ARTI revisited
ARTI was originally founded by Henk Borgdorff under the name Artistic Research, Theory & Interpretation. From 2006 to 2010 ARTI was continued as a joint initiative of two super faculty research groups: Art Theory & Research and Art Practice & Development. Since 2010-11 the initiative is again part of a single research group and chaired by Marijke Hoogenboom.

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