Carolien Hermans

Carolien Hermans graduated from the Orthopedagogy Department at the University of Nijmegen in 1994 and worked there for four years as a junior teacher and researcher. She studied at the School for New Dance Development at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, from which she graduated in 2000.
Carolien works at the intersection of dance and technology – including interactivity, 3D and video. Her work incorporates a research component. 

Carolien is currently a PhD student at the Theatre Studies department of Utrecht University. She studies under the guidance of Dr Liesbeth Wildschut and Prof. Folkert Haanstra and her research is supported by the Arts Education research group at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Carolien teaches regularly at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and has been a dance advisor at Kunstfactor since May 2009. Since September 2011, she has been working at Stichting Papageno.

Stories in cross-disciplinary theatre practice
Theatre School from 2006
Carolien Hermans explores the way stories are told in contemporary and cross-disciplinary theatre practice. Stories are not just stories: they say something about the way we perceive ourselves; they say something about our capacity to connect the past to the future; and most of all they say something about how cultural identities are constructed in our society. Stories are always told by means of a body. Often, however, the body is forgotten. Carolien Hermans reinserts the body in processes of signification and meaning-giving in a theatrical context. She also explores alternative ways of storytelling, focusing on a Deleuzian world in which narratives are essentially plural, fragmented, non-linear and nomadic. Carolien Hermans relates these research issues to her own artistic practice. This year she will commence a practice-based PhD research in collaboration with the Middlesex University in England.

Selected publiction

RTRSRCH vol. 1 no 1
Minor gestures and their monstrous little brothers: the ‘spectatorship of the catastrophic, edited by Carolien Hermans, 2009


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