Bertha Bermudez

Bertha Bermúdez is a former dancer in some of Europe’s leading dance companies, Frankfurt Ballet, Compañia Nacional de Danza in Madrid, and since 1998 with Emio Greco | PC. Having turned towards research work in dance documentation and notation in 2005, Bermúdez is since 2007 part of the research group Art Practice and Development where her interest on the theme Dance Transmission as a source for dance documentation are deeply explored through various research projects. Bertha has co-directed and coordinated the interdisciplinary research projects Capturing Intention and Inside Movement Knowledge. Since 2009, she is the coordinator of the Accademia Mobile section of research and education within Ickamsterdam, where she develops different initiatives around transmission, documentation and interaction. A strong relation with cinema has been established through the relationship with Maite Bermúdez as well as through the integral artistic collaboration with film director and photographer Gregory Colbert. Since 2009 Bertha also is artistic director of Las Negras Productions. Bertha has started a PhD under the program Digital Media at New University of Lisbon.

Double Points
de Theaterschool

Through email correspondence with Austrian writer/critic Helmut Ploebst, Bertha Bermudez Pascual examines her past as a classical dancer and her experiences of working with Emio Greco | PC and William Forsythe. Ploebst and Bermudez Pascual question each other on the position of the dancer, choreographer and spectator, and on the transitory character of dance: the notion of where dance remains once the performance has ended. The Double Points series performances are born as a result of a research process where the dancer/s are confronted by outside impulses or take a specific topic or theme as their starting point.

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