Edit Kaldor

Edit Kaldor was born in Budapest and immigrated at the age of 13 to the United States, where she lived for ten years. After receiving her degree in English Literature and Theatre at Columbia University she worked for years as a dramaturge and video maker with Peter Halasz (Squat Theater/Love Theater, New York). After enrolling at DasArts in Amsterdam, she started writing and directing her own theatre performances, which soon received international acclaim.
Edit now lives and works in Amsterdam.  She often integrates digital media into her intimate and  existential theatre performances. Recent works include Or Press Escape (2002), New Game (2004), Drama (2005), Point Blank (2007), C’est du chinois (2010) and WORK (2011). They have been performed widely: in Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

To pieces: a structural and practical analysis of contemporary performance practices
Kaldor’s investigation focuses on a hybrid theatre practice in which the borders between disciplines constantly shift. It is usually encountered within a close-knit network of international festivals and production houses, from Frankfurt to Beirut. Kaldor is a member of this innovative performance network. From her perspective as a maker she investigates how the new generation of theatre students at the AHK can connect with these developments. The primary aim is to provide concrete casestudies by facilitating direct contact with artists and performances.

selected publications

'De legpuzels van Edit Kaldor', de Theatermaker 2010
Interview with Edit Kaldor by Elke Van Campenhout
'To Pieces', by Edit Kaldor in De theatermaker als onderzoeker, Amsterdam University Press, 2006


Research proposal To pieces