Arts Education research group

About the research group
The Arts Education research group develops knowledge in the field of arts and cultural education through a wide range of studies and research projects. The work of the research group also feeds into developments in education and the professionalisation of teaching at the bachelor programmes Fine Art and Design in Education, Dance in Education, Music in Education and Theatre in Education; and the Arts Education research group’s multidisciplinary Master of Education in Arts programme.

Areas of focus
Arts and cultural education relates to any forms of education that involve art or culture to any degree – whether as a means or an end. It can take place within the traditional educational context or outside it:  in arts centres, professional arts organisations, amateur environments and the community. The research group focuses on developments taking place inside and outside school that are relevant to teacher training in the arts. These developments may come about due to changes in the arts, shifting social attitudes towards the arts (such as cultural diversity and digitisation), or modifications to education and pedagogy.

The Arts Education research group carries out practice-oriented research sparked by its own enquiries and those of the various teacher training courses at the AHK. It also carries out research commissioned by third parties, including cultural organisations. In order to focus research and create a distinct profile for the research group, where possible research concentrates on two core subjects:  cultural diversity and authentic art education.

Research relating to cultural diversity is primarily concerned with how the four teacher training courses take into account cultural diversity in urban society.

The key characteristics of authentic learning are its connection to the experiential world of the students, the incorporation of relevant learning that takes place outside school, and the placing of learning in complex assignment situations. The research into authentic art education encompasses art education that relates both to the student’s everyday practice and experience of art and to contemporary art and the professional art world.

Knowledge network

The Arts Education research group’s knowledge network is the group of researchers who carry out studies into the subjects described above. It is made up of teachers attached to one or more AHK faculties (including teacher training departments) as well as external experts.

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