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Research program 2021-2025

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You have treated the arts as the cherry on the cake. It needs to be the yeast.
Sarabhai, 2009

We are a progressive knowledge centre for arts education. Teachers, trainers, scholars, policymakers and interested parties will find research and tools for innovative arts education here, as well as inspiration or support in their daily practice.

Issues that arise from the arts education and instruction at the teacher training programmes of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) form the starting point for our research. In addition, we focus in particular on the themes of interdisciplinarity (within and outside the arts) and social engagement. Our research offers arts professionals guidelines to substantiate their practice theoretically, as well as tools that directly applicable in practice.



The research group Arts Education is led by Melissa Bremmer and Emiel Heijnen. They conduct research themselves and guide teachers and other researchers within two central research themes.

Research themes


There is a keen eye for intersections and crossovers in this research group. This is fuelled by the realisation that boundaries between disciplines are blurring and changing, and that complex problems require interdisciplinary approaches. This lends interdisciplinarity a logical place in the arts and arts education.

Social engagement

The research group positions arts education at the heart of the democratic society, in dialogue with the other. The role which arts education can have on social reflection, personal development and inclusion is actively investigated.

Emiel Heijnen and Melissa Bremmer jointly lead the Arts Education Research Group. In doing so, they operate as a research collective, which strives for equality in terms of roles and authorship.

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Research program 2021-2025

in Dutch