Arts Education Research Group

Teachers from the various AHK teacher training programmes are affiliated with the Arts Education Research Group: Fine Art in Education (Breitner Academy), Dance in Education and Theatre in Education (Academy of Theatre and Dance) and Music in Education (The Conservatorium van Amsterdam), as well as the multidisciplinary Master of Education in Arts. In addition to their teaching duties, the teachers conduct practice-oriented research in to the professional field of arts education. The research group is led by the Professors of Arts Education Melissa Bremmer and Emiel Heijnen. The researchers collaborate within the following themes: social engagement and interdisciplinarity.

Participants of the research group present and publish the results of their research projects and contribute to the application of the results into the content and approach of study programmes at the AHK. One of the researchers is busy with doctoral research.

Current research projects

Completed research projects

Advisory Board

The research group has established an Advisory Board that reviews the research proposals of the members.