NRO review study

Researchers: Melissa Bremmer, Cock Dieleman, Folkert Haanstra, Emiel Heijnen, Ellen van Hoek, Linda Reus and Diederik Schönau

In preparation for the Arts & Culture survey, the research group is conducting a review study commissioned by the NRO. The central question what the influencing factors are with regard to learning achievement in the field of arts and culture in (the end of) primary education. Influencing factors are characteristics of education, such as knowledge and skills of teachers, the curriculum, the didactics, number of lesson hours and facilities. These influencing factors will be elaborated in the review study with regard to learning achievements per arts discipline (visual, theatre, dance and music), as well as the themes of interdisciplinarity and creativity. On the basis of this review, recommendations will be made for the new tools to be developed for the upcoming survey.


Haanstra, F., Dieleman, C., van Hoek, E., Reus, L. & Schönau, D. Wat werkt in kunstzinnige oriëntatie? Amsterdam, NL: Lectoraat Kunsteducatie, Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten.

Evaluation research into the project ‘Co-teaching in arts education’

This was a process in which teacher trainers from the AHK and the primary education teacher-training college (Pabo) of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) collaborated on the design of a lesson module ‘4Co-teaching:  Pabo students and arts teacher students (Theatre in Education, Dance in Education and Fine Art in Education), in which they learn together to design and implement arts lessons in primary education. 4Co-teaching is a methodology in which all parties take shared responsibility for both designing, implementing and reflecting on the lessons, thus improving the mutual cooperation in the classroom. 4Co-teaching was previously implemented in a collaboration project between the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (CvA) and the primary education teacher-training colleges of Amsterdam. The implementation whereby different arts disciplines are involved is a new approach.

The research focuses on the question of the extent to which both the teacher trainers and the students experience advantages and/or problems themselves when designing and implementing the module and arts lessons in primary education. A number of recommendations and points for improvement were formulated from this evaluation research that can support the future implementation of this modules in the curricula of the study programmes concerned.


Ellen van Hoek graduated as flutist from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (CvA) and works as a musician and teacher. She studies flute and traverso. Within the context of the Master of Education in Arts at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, she conducted research into the ‘muzikale thuiskunst van scholieren’ (musical home-made art of pupils). After completing her Master’s degree, she now works as freelance researcher. Research publications in collaboration with the Arts Education Research Group include Muziekles is anders (Music lesson is different, 2013) and Bewogen muziek (Emotive music, 2016).  Within the context of assessment in arts education, she also worked on the development of ‘Bandcheck’, a digital tool for self-reflection for musicians in bands.


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