Creative citizenship

In this Lesson Study, the combination of citizenship education with arts and culture education is given concrete form, based on the educational design model of lecturer Emiel Heijnen (lecturer Arts Education, Amsterdam School of the Arts) and the research of Hessel Nieuwelink (lecturer Citizenship Education, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences).
The approach is based on the principles of Lesson Study: supported by experts, a group of mbo teachers goes through an educational design cycle together, including through observations to see how students experience the jointly designed lesson. Because the same lesson is carried out at different mbo schools, the participating teachers form a research group in which experiences are shared and discussed.

Research on the Amsterdam Museum's ELJA Children's Museum Lab

The Amsterdam Museum is being renovated. An important part of the renewed Amsterdam Museum is a museum for and by children. But what exactly will the programming and museum spaces look like? What do children need to make these spaces their own and really use them as a place for artistic reflections on the city and their place in it? To answer these questions, during the period 2023-2025, the Amsterdam Museum will work together with Amsterdam children aged 9 to 12 to design the new Amsterdam Museum for and by children through the ELJA Children's Museum Lab. Besides attending lab sessions in the various districts of Amsterdam, working together on artworks and curating exhibitions, the children involved will be given a voice through a children's sounding board group and children's director. In this way, they help open the eyes of the public and staff and make the museum the place for children. But above all, making and looking at art provides opportunities for the children to reflect on themselves, their environment and the world. The Amsterdam Museum and ELJA Foundation are asking the Arts Education lectorate of the Amsterdam School of the Arts to guide the three-year trajectory towards a children's museum with training and research. The trainings for artists and museum educators, prior to the lab sessions, are based on the principles of 'wicked arts assignments' (Heijnen & Bremmer, 2020). The research was designed in phases with exploratory ('nurturing') research in the first year and impact research in the second and third years. To carry out the research, the professorship commissioned Urban Paradoxes (Sandra Trienekens).


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Dr Emiel Heijnen was trained as a Visual Arts and Design teacher at Fontys University of Applied Sciences (grade two qualification) and at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht (grade one qualification and Art History). He obtained his doctorate at Radboud University Nijmegen with the thesis ‘Remixing the Art Curriculum: How contemporary visual practices inspire authentic art education’.