AHK Research Centre

At the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), we are committed to research in the arts with an innovative capacity, both artistically and socially. The AHK is a knowledge institution for both teaching and research. Due to the importance of research, the University has set up the AHK Research Centre. The AHK Research Centre is a link between our research groups and enables researchers to share their expertise and to introduce their research to the world.   

The researchers work with a joint research profile: ‘Engagement through critical creative practice’. Our researchers relate critically to social issues. They want to create awareness and have a social and artistic impact. That is why the six AHK research groups link their own research programmes to this overarching research agenda, read more about Research Profile.

The AHK Research Centre also ensures better preconditions for research and synergy via interchange, encounters and collaboration between students, researchers, lecturers/teachers and artists, thus increasing the visibility of the research, read more about Research Support.

The AHK Research Centre ties in with the developments currently taking place in the AHK Learning Lab at the Marineterrein. In addition to the existing initiatives of the AHK (AHK MakerSpace, AHK Culture Club and VRAcademy), there will also be room therefore for initiatives and encounters relating to research, read more about Research Space​​​​​​​.