Emio Greco l PC

Dance and Discourse
de Theaterschool 2004-2005

Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten’s passion for dance is not only evidenced by their impressive performances, but also by the persuasive case they make for embedding theory in dance as well as their abiding interest in new systems for documenting this fleeting art form, enabling transference. Educationalists involved in the dance courses at the Theatre School have a long­held desire to strengthen the connections between theory and practicein their field. EG | PC’s residency provided an ideal opportunity to shape these ambitions in cooperation with choreographers.

The theme Transfer was used as the departure point for the examination of several issues by students and professionals from both inside and outside the school. They connected in work groups, in the studio and through a series of public salons. How, for example, can past works be reconstructed? How do renewal, authenticity and individuality pertain to transfer and to repertoire development? How can artistic methodology and modes of operation be passed on to a younger generation? How can choreographic knowledge connect with related artistic, technological and scientific developments?

Especially the investigations into innovative notation systems for dance have had tangible results: the documentary about EG | PC’s training  programme Double Skin/Double Mind; the prototype of a spatial dance workshop installation; the publication of the book  Capturing Intention; and an interactive DVD­ROM archive.

These, in their turn, also form the basis for the substantial research project Inside Movement Knowledge, which will remain attached to the research group, with an international group of researchers from various disciplines collaborating with the AHK dance departments, Utrecht University and the Dutch Media Art Institute.

About Emio Greco l Pieter C. Scholten
Choreographers Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten have worked together since 1995 under the name EG | PC, the internationally renowned dance company. They are driven on in their quest for new forms of dance not only by their curiosity about the body and its internal motivations, but also by collaborative connections with other disciplines and numerous activities that further reflection on dance practice. To these ends, the group developed the Academia Mobile educational programme, and founded Amsterdam’s International Centre for Choreographic Arts (ICK) in 2008. www.ickamsterdam.com