Hisako Horikawa

The groundbreaking Japanese choreographer Hisako Horikawa worked with thirty students from all four year groups at the SNDO on a group choreography that culminated in a performance at A Taste of Something Raw festival in Frascati. Hisako Horikawa was the guest artist in residence at the SNDO (School for a New Dance Development) at de Theaterschool Amsterdam from 16 January to 16 February 2013.

Hisako Horikawa lead students in the intensive process of making a group choreography that explored topics such as the body's relationship with space, material and quality. The SNDO students worked at various studios throughout Amsterdam. Hisako Horikawa’s residency gives students the opportunity to acquaint themselves with her approach by collaborating directly in her artistic practice.

Public rehearsals and a tryout were performed in the hall at Dansmakers in the run-up to the one-off concluding performance in Frascati, as part of the A Taste of Something Raw festival.

About Hisako Horikawa
Hisako Horikawa (Niigata, Japan) is engaged in a personal exploration of the potential of the voice and body. She co-founded Body Weather Laboratory with Butoh legend Min Tanaka and led her own company Maijuku until 1998. Horikawa now makes her work all over the world with a wide range of artists and musicians. Past collaborators include cellist Tristan Honsinger, saxophonist Ab Baars, pianist Augusti Fernández and guitarist Derek Bailey. Horikawa has also danced with the Dutch punk band The Ex. She frequently selects forgotten places in the city in which to perform her pieces, and she often works with children, amateurs and veteran professional dancers.


Foto documentation of the choreography

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Group choreograhy HISAKO HORIKAWA & 37 SNDO STUDENTS op het A Taste of Something Raw festival in Frascati theater (2013)