Move in the modern world

This DVD is the result of Nita Liem’s period as AIR at the Dance Teacher Training department together with her company Don’t Hit Mama.

Her project was aimed at taking the initiative to introduce new practices to the school and to experiment together with dance education from a multiple cultural perspective. This collaboration with strong-willed dance creators proved to be a remarkably effective method of increasing growth towards a course that reflects a dynamic and multifaceted field. Equality is a precondition in this context, whether in the sharing of knowledge and expertise, or in the acknowledgement of unconventional backgrounds and experiences outside established structures, including educational ones.

The Move in the Modern World DVD is the product of intensive collaboration between students, teachers, professionals and international guests. It provides an insight into the background of Nita Liem’s teaching method, and includes dialogue with Sally Sommer (American dance trainer/teacher) and Funmi Adewole (Nigerian performer and research).

Compiled by: Lot Siebe, Bart Deuss and Marijke Hoogenboom
Designed by: Thonik
Amsterdam 2009
DVD, English language