ME: Seeing is a Creative Act

Jeroen Musch, Arjan Klok (2017)

Seeing is a creative act. The importance of learning to look is so great within the disciplines of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture that the wish arose to invite a photographer to an Artist in Residency at the Academy of Architecture. Jeroen Musch (1964) was invited for this. Jeroen is educated at the Rietveld Academy, lives in Rotterdam and works internationally. A gifted photographer who has earned his spurs in various fields in photography.

The research area of ​​the Winter School 2017 is the former Marine Establishment ('het Marineterrein') in Amsterdam. What significance can this place have for the city? To think about it and dream, to sketch that and capture images, requires research beforehand. What do we encounter now that the walls have been damaged, what do we see? How does the process of exploring 'new land' go? How do people use this new public space? The students are asked to experience the time and space by the sensors of a photographer. To look, to appreciate, to receive and to capture what is of value or could be of value in the future.

This publication contains an overview of the videos made by students at the Marine Etablissement in Amsterdam.