Minor gestures and their monstrous little brothers: the ‘spectatorship of the catastrophic

Edited by Carolien Hermans

The first edition of RTRSRCH is edited by Carolien Hermans and offers a particular perspective on the ‘search for spectacle’, that was the guiding theme at this years Something Raw festival: ‘’More then ever dance- and performance artists know to intrigue with strong concepts, but also seek for surprising - and often very physical – ways to communicate with the public. Does theatre search for the spectacle again? Do performances today play with the Dionysus pleasure, entertainment or even with big theatrical gestures?’’This first edition captures contributions by: Bertha Bermudez, Andrea Bozic, Ramsay Burt, Jona Claveaux, Igor Dobricic, Shaz Dada, Sher Doruff, Konstantina Georgelou, Diego Gil, Cuqui Jerez, Carolien Hermans, Norberto Llopis de Segarra, Martin Nachbar, André Nusselder, Stamatia Portanova, Benjamin Scheers, Luuk Scheers, David Weber-Krebs and Julia Willms.

Download RTRSRCH #1 (PDF)

RTRSRCH Vol. 1 No. 1