RTRSRCH Vol.1 No.2

Het is - It Is
Edited by Marijn de Langen.

In spring 2009 she organized a series of meetings between two theater makers. She asked them to talk for one our about the role of the body in their plays, based on some questions formulated by her. Of all conversations, which took place in a garden house of Master theater education Dasarts, transcriptions were made.

The duo's were carefully chosen, based on the presuming of a connection, but also from curiosity to a meeting of two very different visions, different generations, different nationalities. Approximately half of the meetings which took place were between theater makers which have never met before. The bundle HET IS – IT IS (negen ontmoetingen tussen theatermakers) is a mostly Dutch report of these special meetings between:

Frits Vogels and Lotte van den Berg, David Weber-Krebs and Jetse Batelaan, Rob List and Edit Kaldor, Jan Langedijk and Sanne van Rijn, Karina Holla and Sanja Mitrović, William Dashwood and Bill Aitchison, Roy Peters and Melih Gençboyaci, Petra Ardai and Sarah Vanhee, Suzan Boogaerdt and Paul van der Laan.
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RTRSRCH Vol. 1 No. 2