Tele_Trust, 10 steps to create your own networking body

The new RTRSRCH journal by Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat is about their research Tele_Trust.
Tele_Trust is a meeting place, an agora, to research and engage with new parameters for online trust. We are faced with a paradox: while we increasingly demand transparency in our changing social eco-system, we also cover our bodies with personal communication technology. Tele_Trust is a visual and poetic examination of emotional and social tension in contemporary hybrid cities, in the areas of visibility, presence, privacy and trust.

How do we trust each other online? Do you need to see my eyes? Or do we need to touch? How do we trust each other as networking bodies?

The transdisciplinary research carried out by Tele_Trust comprises a network of internationally shown artistic performances and installations; theoretical and social research; and technical innovation.
This journal shows the Tele_Trust research - and invite the reader to explore his or her own personal networking body.

RTRSRCH  is an initiative of ARTI (Artistic Research, Theory and Innovation): artists and researchers from the creative and performing arts at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, that are actively engaged in practice-based research processes. RTRSRCH reflects the interests and problematising strategies of the ARTI research group concerning current discourse in practice-based research in the arts, exploring and facilitating processes for creating, sharing and distributing emerging knowledge(s). The presentation of content will vary from issue to issue, dependent on the topic and stylistic concerns of the guest editor.

RTRSRCH Vol. 3 No. 2