Zij aan zij, rug aan rug, produceren in de podiumkunsten

Students of Production and Stage Management at de Theaterschool learn how to be creative producers. Together with AIR Paul Koek, twelve second-year students carried out research into how the producer can best relate to an inspired artist, and how he or she should define their own position with respect to the artist. They immersed themselves in Koek’s Platteland als Podium (Countryside as Stage) project, and an educational programme was developed which involved the students in the artistic process.

Zij aan zij, rug aan rug, produceren in de podiumkunsten is a highly visual record of that process. It zooms in on four talented future producers, documenting the routes they took and the developments they made; it shows where they lost their way and where they discovered hidden treasure. It also sets out the challenges faced by art education in a changing landscape.

Editorial team: Judith Wendel, Marijke Hoogenboom, Gwenoële Trapman, Sanne Kersten, Jurriën Loman, Wouter van Loon and second-year Production and Stage Management students.
Designed by: Jacqueline Elich
Amsterdam 2011
Paperback, 72 pages, Dutch language
ISBN: 978-90-71681-00-4

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