Jorge Lucero

From February to May 2018, the Mexican-American artist and teacher Jorge Lucero will be Artist in Residence (AIR) at the Arts Education research group at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. In this period, he will be visiting Amsterdam twice to share his radical vision of the (art) educational practice with students from the four teacher study programmes at the AHK.

Jorge Lucero studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and obtained his master's degree and PhD at Pennsylvania State University. He is currently affiliated with the School of Art + Design at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He is known as a conceptual artist and prominent art teacher and is also active as an author for various journals in the field of art education.

Lucero has a radical view on the (art) educational practice. He believes that the educational practice of a teacher can also be his / her art practice. Lucero's interdisciplinary art practice is rooted in social art and participatory arts. In this conceptual art practice the school functions as 'studio', the daily school practice as 'material' and pupils as co-artists.

In several work sessions with the students from AHK's teacher study programmes, Lucero will share how he puts his vision into practice. Between February and May students will then perform artistic interventions at various schools in Amsterdam (in primary or secondary education). The student assumes the role of 'teacher as a conceptual artist'. The goal is that, in this way, the students learn how they can give pupils an active role as co-creators.

Visit symposium and exhibition 'Teacher as conceptual artist'

On 26 May and 2 and 3 June, the Arts Education research group will be organising the symposium and exhibition Teacher as conceptual artist in cooperation with Framer Framed. The guest of honour is the Mexican-American Jorge Lucero, who has the radical vision that the teaching practice of arts teachers is also their arts practice. Lucero’s interdisciplinary arts practice is rooted in the social arts, in which the diversity of the school population serves as the starting point for socially engaged arts production. In this arts practice, the school functions as ‘studio’, the daily school practice as ‘material’ and students as fellow artists. The symposium and the exhibition will examine the approaches through which school and arts practice may be merged. Teacher as conceptual artist is part of the UNESCO International Arts Education Week from 21-27 May 2018.

Date and time: Saturday 26 May 2018, from 13:30 to 17:00
Location: Framer Framed, Tolhuistuin (IJpromenade 2A)
Entry: free, registration required (limited capacity). Due to limited capacity, registration is unfortunately no longer possible

At the symposium, various speakers will explain, using concrete examples, how the school and arts practice may converge. In addition, visitors will participate in workshops held by students, who have carried out ‘conceptual arts interventions’ at various schools in the province of North Holland under the guidance of Jorge Lucero. 


  • Professors Emiel Heijnen and Melissa Bremmer will talk about their research into the project 'Teacher as conceptual artist'
  • Artist/teacher/researcher Jorge Lucero: 'How to be a teacher as conceptual artist' (in English)
  • Researcher/teacher Marike Hoekstra will explain current arts education practices based on the vision of democratic pedagogy
  • Artist Frank Koolen will talk about his art project Studio Steltman: a permanent artist’s residency on the roof of the Gerrit Rietveld College in Utrecht   
  • Playful mini-workshops by 15 conceptual teachers from the AHK study programmes Dance in Education, Music in Education, Theatre in Education and Fine Art in Education

The symposium is intended for teachers, artists, trainers, researchers, (Master’s) students and anyone who is interested in current socially engaged art education.

Date and time: opening Saturday 2 June, 17:00. Also open on Sunday 3 June from 11:00 to 17:00
Location: Framer Framed, Tolhuistuin Amsterdam (IJpromenade 2A)
Entry: free

The exhibition Teacher as conceptual artist will show the results of the ‘conceptual arts interventions’ that AHK students have carried out at various schools. All exhibited works are made by students from primary and secondary education in North Holland in the months March - May 2018. 
The symposium and the exhibition will take place within the context of the elective 'Teacher as conceptual artist’ with Artist in Residence Jorge Lucero. The project will be hosted by Framer Framed, platform for arts and culture. Framer Framed will exhibit work from well-known and unknown artists who are active worldwide and whose work is related to social issues. The exhibits are at the intersection of contemporary art, visual culture and politics.