Building Conversation

The Academy of Architecture has invited the artists’ collective Building Conversation, which was created on the initiative of theatre maker Lotte van den Berg and visual artist Daan 't Sas, as Artist in Residence for the 2019-2020 academic year. The team from Building Conversation will curate the Winter School 2020 in january.

During the Winter School 2020, the Artist in Residence will set to work with first- and second-year Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture students from the Academy of Architecture. The students will participate in an interdisciplinary and interactive manner in a number of performative conversations developed by Building Conversation at different locations in the centre of Amsterdam. They will reflect with each other on their personal experiences and on this basis they will speak about the relationship between space and conversation, and about conversation as a space between people.

During the Winter School, the Academy of Architecture teaches the students to work, in an interdisciplinary manner and as a team, on an assignment that seeks out, or crosses, the borders of the three fields of study, and thus ensure that the designer’s own horizon is expanded. As a student at the Academy of Architecture, you will work in a broader sociocultural context. That is why training your intuition and transforming it in a limited time from an idea into an inspired product are important learning objectives of the Winter School.

This is the 15th Artist in Residence the Academy of Architecture has been able to welcome thanks to the Artist in Residence programme of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. In recent years, surprising and high-profile projects and lecture series have been realised under the guidance of Artists in Residence, such as the artist and architect Alexander Brodsky, the artist and architect Sarah van Sonsbeeck, visual artist and film director Gabriel Lester and photographer Jeroen Musch. Luc Deleu was the first Artist in Residence at the Academy of Architecture in the 2004-2005 academic year.