AHK Culture Club

The AHK Culture Club is a multifunctional hotspot in the middle of the Marineterrein in Amsterdam where students, teachers and recent graduates from all academies come together, meet and exchange ideas. Here the different art forms meet each other that can be expressed in multidisciplinary projects. There is space and a stage for public presentations, performances, discussions and other activities.

Start, share, show
The AHK Culture Club is designed to stimulate interaction and to start up new cross-disciplinary art projects that can eventually be presented here. All facilities are available to work, network and present; from comfortable workplaces, an inviting lounge area and a good cup of coffee to the right theater and streaming technology and know-how for a good presentation.

Donut stage
The Club podium is shaped like a half donut. This is a symbolic reference to the donut economy, an economic model with a good social foundation for everyone. The Culture Club stage is therefore for everyone. The entire setting can be set up like a real nightclub in no time.

Art & Society programme
The space above is used by the participants of the Art & Society programme. Alumni of the AHK academies are given the opportunity to participate in this postgraduate programme in which they can start or continue a project in order to present a concrete final product at the end of the process. The participants have a workplace and receive guidance within the Art & Society programme. Read more about the Art & Society programme here.

IThe Culture Club is the place where activities take place that are of importance to the entire AHK. For example in the field of sustainability, inclusion, diversity and entrepreneurship. Interdisciplinarity is the common thread within the programming. Would you like to programme something yourself in the Culture Club? Please contact the club and programme coordinator Martine Koopmans-Arp.


#Team 2 organises a varied and surprising programme once a month on Thursdays in the early evening intended to bring together people from different academies, disciplines and cultures, and to surprise each other and themselves with their vision on the world. during which the visitors are invited and challenged to view the world from different perspectives. See the agenda for exact dates, time and tickets and read more about the previous editions below.



04.04.23, 19:00 hrs.
AHK Culture Club
25.05.23, 19:00 hrs.
AHK Culture Club