Art & Society programme

The Art & Society programme is a postgraduate programme that the AHK offers to selected alumni who are in the transition from education to practice. The participants have a workplace in the AHK Culture Club and are given the space to create, test and meet each other.

Transformation through co-creation
The participants learn from each other. They experiment with each other's knowledge and techniques and thus challenge existing conventions. Together they make new connections and investigate how co-creation between the disciplines can transform classical art education. The new, trans-disciplinary language that is emerging offers inspiration and handles for the change in existing structures in education, institutes and sectors.

The AHK Culture Club as home base
The participants of the Art & Society programme come from all academies of the AHK. That composition creates a new, cross-disciplinary network between the makers. The AHK Culture Club on the Marineterrein is the home base. Every year new teams will use that place and build on the experiences of the previous teams. In this way, the knowledge and experience they acquire in the field of new forms of manufacturing practice and education continues to exist.

Workshop - With, By, For the Young Child

Special programme for AHK students and recent graduates

What can you learn from a toddler? How does a non-verbal encounter with a two year old sharpen your work?

Be challenged by the inquisitive nature and honest reaction of the young child. In this interdisciplinary program you will encounter children from zero to six years old, working from your own artistic desire and skill. You then create an interactive performance, installation or object under the guidance of professionals.

  • When: Friday 6, Saturday 7, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May
  • Where: Culture Club, Marineterrein, Amsterdam
  • Who: students and recent graduates
  • Costs: €40 - if the costs prevent you from participating, please let us know.

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The Art & Society programme is supported by IXA Next.