Art & Society programme

The postgraduate Art & Society programme (2020-2021 + 2021-2022) offered AHK alumni the opportunity to develop themselves in an interdisciplinary way in the transition from degree programme to practice. The participants were given their own workspace in the AHK Culture Club and had the space to create, test and meet each other.

Transformation through co-creation
The participants learn from each other. They experiment with each other's knowledge and techniques and thus challenge existing conventions. Together they make new connections and investigate how co-creation between the disciplines can transform classical art education. The new, trans-disciplinary language that is emerging offers inspiration and handles for the change in existing structures in education, institutes and sectors.

AHK Culture Club as home base
All academies of the AHK were represented in both teams of the Art & Society programme. Based at the Marineterrein, they collaborated in a cross-disciplinary way on new forms of creative practice.

Final presentations Art & Society #Team2: INTER SPACE

The members of #Team2 worked on their arts projects in the AHK Culture Club for nine months. In this interdisciplinary environment where art forms intersect, they learned from each other and about themselves. Ideas merged together. On 25 June, they presented their work and transformed the Marineterrein into an INTER SPACE (TUSSEN RUIMTE). 

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The Art & Society programme is supported by IXA Next.