"The Culture Club gave me the space to be one step closer to bring sound manipulation with hand gestures to other people."
Diogo Carriço, Conservatorium - Live Electronics

To me the selection for the Art & Society programme is exhilarating! I've been offered exceptional resources and a workplace, where I'll sit next to talented artists from the most varied disciplines driven by their ideals of change. It's almost a bit surreal even how much we are supported and encouraged to develop our ideas and it is an honor to be part of the first generation of a programme that certainly will yield great results in the future. I have only gratitude to be granted the opportunity to realize a project I kept in the back of my mind for so long and struggled to find the resources.

I'm building a tool for musicians and audiovisual artists that allows them to directly connect the natural and intuitive gesture of their hands in the air to their synthesizers or software of electronic music or audiovisual creation. Designed for live performance, this project comes in the form of a software that bridges the Leap Motion hand sensor and these tools already used by the artist, unlocking creativity and expressivity. The Culture Club will provide me access to resources to realize this idea as well as serve as a platform to closely work with other artists from the AHK or outside. Deriving from this, it will greatly contribute to increasing my value as a professional too.