ARIAS, the Amsterdam Research Institute for Arts and Science, is a platform for collaborative research through scientific and artistic practices. ARIAS acts as mediator between five knowledge institutions: Amsterdam University of the Arts, University of Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam, Gerrit Rietveld Academie/Sandberg Institute and University of Applied Sciences. Its main ambition is to nurture a diverse and sustainable research ecology among the organisations of education and knowledge in Amsterdam.

The platform stimulates research on the intersection of the arts, sciences, and other practice-based disciplines: research that facilitates alternative perspectives on today’s complex issues. ARIAS supports researchers and brings them and their different perspectives together, creating a network of network of interest and exchange.

ARIAS works together with cultural and social partners in Amsterdam, such as Mediamatic and the International Institute for Social History (IISG).

The overarching theme for 2020-2023: ‘The Art of Listening to the Matter’

In resonance with some of today’s global concerns, ARIAS formulated the overarching theme ‘The Art of Listening to the Matter’. Read more. Within this overarching theme, ARIAS identifies three spaces: archival work + knowledge circulation, care ecologies, and artificial intelligence.

Programme manager: Sabine Niederer
Project coordinator: Nienke Scholts

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