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New AHK thematic collaboration programme

Lectorates building more connections in 2023-2025 

In 2020 the AHK has set a common Research Profile: ‘Engagement through Critical Creative Practice’. Emerging from the pandemic, the lectorates of the AHK have embraced this profile and on numerous occasions collaborated. In late 2022, the lectors were invited by the AHK leadership to create new ways to foster collaborations. What emerged is the Thematic Collaboration Programme (TCP).  

The lectors form a TCP committee and have a common interest to conduct research in relation to three themes: 

  • Regeneration and Climate 
  • Social Engagement 
  • Ways of Knowing 

The themes indicate shared, overlapping priorities and give focus to the joint programme. Questions of climate for example can clearly not be looked at in isolation from social justice and inclusion. Rather the aim is to use the themes to create spaces for research where the complexity and interconnectedness of questions of climate, society and knowledge in arts and culture, can be explored together. The TCP allows lectors and wider AHK research community to engage with these themes, thereby also developing a joint understanding of these themes.  

The programme has been formally launched on 1st of July 2023, and runs for two years. Would you like to know more about thematic research plans and ideas? Please contact one of the lectors or TCP secretary Jonathan Even-Zohar (  


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