Practice-based research

Research in the arts offers new insights and has its own research methods. The academies of the AHK are therefore the laboratories for the professional field of tomorrow. The research at the AHK is usually practice-based and often qualitative and small-scale in nature. An explicit choice is made to position research close to the education and the discipline. The course content and contribution to the education are of paramount importance. This is the strength of our research and we want to preserve and reinforce this.

The value of artistic research lies in the creative process, in the work created and in the reflection thereon. Artistic research provides insights and results for the arts practice, society and academia that are not found in other methods of research. Subjectivity and singularity/uniqueness are key concepts for artistic research. It is the researcher, the creator himself/herself, who is part of the research. The further specification of artistic research is constantly developing within the AHK. We engage in dialogue about that within and outside the University.

You will find more information about practice-based research on the website of the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (information in Dutch only) and on the website of Kunst ≈ Onderzoek (Art ≈ Research).