Doorwerken - On impact and transformation

Various authors (2023)

Today, art and creativity are key to solving the often complex problems facing our current (and future) society. Creative, multi- and cross-disciplinary methodologies developed (also) within arts research offer angles  that were previously unexplored or underexplored; and it is precisely these methodologies that can be used to meet the major challenges.

The AHK’s seven lectorates tackle social issues and translate them into artistic research that creates awareness and explores new paths. Impact is the key word here: what does research in and by the arts contribute to innovation of and change in society? Or, as former AHK president Bert Verveld puts it: what are the impact and effect of artistic research?

This publication appeared on the occasion of his retirement from the AHK. The AHK lectorates illustrate what impact and transformation means to them by answering three questions in this volume:

1. What is the lectorate’s vision of research in and through the arts and what have been the main methods in pursuing this research?

2. Which lectorate project has had the biggest and longest (time) or furthest reaching (space) lasting impact?

3. In the spirit of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda, what is a collaboration the lectorate has engaged in that contributed to a transformation? What did that transformation look like and how did the lectorate and its partners complement each other?

This publication is a sample of their way of working, of looking at the world, of critical engagement with social issues.

With contributions from: Peter van Assche, Hester Dibbits, Laura Cull ó Maoilearca, Michiel Schuijer, Mellisa Bremmer & Emile Heijnen, Mieke Bernink, Aminata Cairo & Rosa te Velde

Doorwerken - On impact and transformation
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Doorwerken - On impact and transformation
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