Research groups

On this page, you will find regular updates about our research groups.

There are practical, ethical and theoretical issues involved when marking and handling things as ‘heritage’. On the basis of these issues, the Cultural Heritage research group, together with a varied network of partners, examines how professionals can contribute to a sustainable and inclusive society through constructive interventions. The research group presents and publishes research results and makes a substantive contribution to the study programmes of the Reinwardt Academy. The research group is led by Hester Dibbits. Read more.

ATD Lectorate is the research group of the Academy of Theatre and Dance and conducts research into, with and for the professional practice. The research programme of the research group focuses on the domains: Artistic research in the 3rd Cycle (THIRD), Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance and Creative Producing. The research group is led by Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca. Read more.

The Film research group at the Netherlands Film Academy is closely connected with the Master’s programme. Research into and through film is the guiding principle for the Film research group. The research group is led by Mieke Bernink. Read more.

The Arts Education research group is one of the two cross-academy research groups of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. The research group conducts research in the field of arts education and is led by Emiel Heijnen and Melissa Bremmer. Read more.

The AHK's second cross-academy research group is Social Justice and Diversity in the Arts. This research group aims to contribute to knowledge development around social justice within artistic practice, education and research, both within the AHK and beyond. The lectureship is led by Aminata Cairo and Rosa te Velde. Read more

The mission of the Music research group is twofold. They want to contribute to a educational environment in which talented individuals can develop themselves to the highest level within their discipline, and in which artistic and intellectual curiosity is stimulated; and they want to promote interaction between music education, the professional music practice and research. The research group is led by Michiel Schuijer. Read more.

The Academy of Architecture has two research groups. The Architecture & Circular Thinking research group investigates the architectural possibilities of a new material paradigm in a broad sense. The research group focuses in word, image and construction on a new architectural repertoire for a circular economy. The research group is led by Peter van Assche, who is assisted by research fellow Gerjan Streng. Read more.

The High-Density Energy Landscapes research group is led by landscape architect Sven Stremke. He is assisted by two fellows: PhD researcher Dirk Oudes and postdoc researcher Paolo Picchi. The research focuses on the development of sustainable energy landscapes with special attention for the roles of design and the designer in relation to energy transition. Read more.