Research Support

The AHK Research Centre ensures better preconditions for research and synergy via interchange, encounters and collaboration between students, researchers, lecturers/teachers and artists. Strengthening the network around research both externally (with, among others, knowledge institutions and social partners) and internally (within and together with our own study programmes) is also a key objective. The AHK Research Centre provides support in the fields of strategy and policy, professionalisation, subsidy/grant advice, quality assurance and assessments, dissemination and research communication.


  • Strategic policy advice
  • Quality assurance 
  • Research infrastructure AHK
  • Research impact 
  • Subsidy advice
  • Research data management

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Teammembers AHK Research Centre

Stella Blom, head of department 
Provides strategic advice to the AHK Executive Board and academy directors in the field of research policy and infrastructure. Manages the AHK Research Centre and is responsible for strengthening and developing research at the AHK in collaboration with the lectorates. 
Maartje Hermsen, policy advisor / research community manager 
Supports the head of department with strategic advice. Is connected to national and local networks in the field of research at (art) colleges. Strengthens the research community within the AHK in collaboration with communication. As a representative of the AHK service bureau, she has a seat on the University Council. 
Sally Mometti, manager of operations research and innovation / project manager SPRONG 'Verbeelding in Transities’ 

Translates national policy on research (e.g. Professional Doctorate, Scientific Integrity) to the AHK. This is expressed in advice to the Executive Board and support to the lectorates in the implementation of research policy. Reports to the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, among others. 
David Keuning, policy advisor  
Advises on policy questions in the field of research and co-writes plans and reports. As an experienced researcher, based at the Academy of Architecture, brings knowledge of architecture and research to the AHK Research Centre.
​Jonathan Even Zohar, subsidy advisor 
Advises and assists researchers in finding funding opportunities and submitting promising grant applications. Steps into the idea room of various research groups, creating insights and relationships that have an inspiring and motivating effect. 
Tanja Vranic, subsidy advisor 
Communicates about financing opportunities. Guides lectorates, researchers and Centres of Expertise in writing promising grant applications. Promotes research in the arts at various national and international research networks of universities of applied sciences, with the aim of making optimal use of opportunities for practice-oriented research (knowledge exchange, collaboration and funding). 
Els de Boer, project administrator 
Provides project administration for research grants. Supports applicants (lecturer/researcher) and grant advisors during an application period. So the applicant can submit requests to the subsidy provider in a timely and complete manner in accordance with the applicable subsidy conditions. 
Cornelieke van Voskuijlen, project employee Impact / Data Steward 
Identifies opportunities in the field of AHK research and its impact in education and society. As a project employee and Data Steward, she increases the findability and visibility of AHK research publications and research data. 
Helga Van Boxtel, communication advisor 
Communicates about research in the arts and its impact on society to the public.