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DD & IPT Podcast

This is the podcast that explores the journey of students and teachers of the Dance Education (DD) department at the Amsterdam University of the Arts with the Inclusivity Pathway Training (IPT).

The whole dance department participated in a research project with the Lectorate of Social Justice and Diversity in the Arts. The goal was to learn more about the IPT and how it could be beneficial for their profession. Students, teachers and researchers from the lectorate and a researcher from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences worked and learned together. The research was financially supported by a grant from Center of Expertise for Creative Innovation (COECI).

In sharing this podcast we hope to inform you about the IPT and about the joy of exploring learning together.

Produced by Camiël Kesser.
Music by Freerk Lenselink.
Image by Paulina Trejo Mendez.

Episode 1: Introducing DD & IPT
Welcome to the first episode of the IPT Podcast. Today we have a conversation with Rose (Teacher), Hugo (DD4) en Ryan (DD1). Our journey starts with how the introduction of the IPT is received. Were there any surprises? We'll take a look at the general impact for the students and teacher. English. Hosted by Camiël Kesser.

Episode 2: Getting personal
Welcome to the second episode of the IPT. We talk to Vincent (teacher), Hawa (DD1) and Sarah (DD3). Now that the IPT has landed, we are curious about more personal experiences. What is it like for students to engage in this learning process with fellow students and their teachers? Does it change the group dynamic and how you are available to each other? In this episode, listen to how the IPT affects this process. Dutch. Hosted by Camiël Kesser.

Episode 3a: Senegal, grounding in exchange
Welcome to the first part of episode 3, recorded in Senegal. We talk to Damar (artistic director DD), Iris (DD2) and Juanita (DD3). The students are on exchange in Senegal and are confronted with a different world. What tools from the IPT have they been able to apply to ground themselves in this environment? To be available to themselves and to their fellow students? Dutch. Hosted by Camiël Kesser.

Episode 3b: Senegal, deepening the IPT
Welcome to the second part of episode 3, also recorded in Senegal. We talk to Lot (Member of core team DD) Tim (DD3) and Louise (DD2). The environment of Senegal is stirring a lot in the students. Lot has been involved in organising the exchange. The students have been given tools to make the IPT more applicable, do they work? Does the exchange with the African students in Senegal have an impact on applying the IPT tools faster? Dutch. Hosted by Camiël Kesser.

Episode 4: Developing as a teacher
Welcome to the fourth episode of the IPT. Today we have a conversation with Marlie (DD4) and Maxi (Teacher). The IPT touched upon different aspects of development. Your position as a teacher but also as a private person is being dissected and reviewed. Where were the spots of development? How did the IPT make you notice that those areas were a bit dusty? We are almost at the end of our journey, looking back, what resonates with you the most? English. Hosted by Camiël Kesser.

Episode 5: Future of DD & IPT
Welcome to the fifth and final episode of the IPT. Today we have a conversation with only the teachers, Jelle, Samuel. Rose and Maxi. It's been an interesting journey. How did the teachers feel going on this journey together with their students? Are there similarities or opportunities that they've missed in their own time as students when they didn't have an IPT course? So looking at the future, where would they like to see the IPT take its place within the study course of DD. English. Hosted by Camiël Kesser.



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