Community music as music education

Koopman, C. (2006), Community music as music education: on the educational potential of community music
In: International Journal of Music Education. Vol. 25, nr. 2 (Aug.), p. 151-163.

This article deals with the educational potential of community music. First, the author introduces the concept of community music and discusses its special position in today's society. Community music can play a significant role in promoting active music-making, particularly for those people who do not make use of standard musical arrangements. Then, the author presents and refutes the case against teaching and music learning in community music practices as presented by the influential community musician Phil Mullen. Next, the author argues that community music naturally accords with innovative concepts of learning such as authentic learning, situated learning and processdirected learning. Thus, it presents a place for developing musical competence. Finally, the various levels at which teaching is relevant to community music are examined.